In the earliest of times, when gods were young, the plane was in chaos. Power ripped throughout the world with no control, no order. Only the strongest and most disciplined could attempt to tap that power and not be destroyed.

The time came, when those, who had attained an undreamed of amount of control, came together, to try to make themselves even more powerful. They used their magic, their power, and their faith to created powerful anchors around the world.

The anchors took the form of towers. Towers in which they could live their lives, meet with each other, train their protege, and spread their influence. Once the towers were completed, these ancient magi tried to bond their powers to them. They were successful… to a point.

The days long ritual, by those who wielded the power were consumed by it. The very essences of the beings were pulled into the tower, turning it into a nexus of power. The effect of which was felt throughout Retha. The power that teemed in the world was tamed and became more easily controlled. The apprentice who claimed the tower after their master’s destruction took full advantage of this. Growing in power, until they were all but unstoppable.

It is not known who stopped the growing threat these magic users. I believe, the gods themselves stepped in and took the power from them. Through the ages, the existence of these towers was forgotten.

Locations lost…all accept one. The Onyx Tower.

A structure, standing 2000 feet tall, the walls, as black as obsidian, with so much power, it would drive a common person to insanity…

There is more to the story. For I also believe, the walls of energy that run through our world are tied to the towers. I do not know how, but I know this to be true. There will be a time when the towers call to the right and worthy. I do not know what consequences of such a thing will be, but the idea of such places becoming known to the world once more gives me great joy, the thought of one being having the power to claim such a powerful artifact fill me with dread.

The Minstral.
After the fall of “The Lich”

(cr. Ilsa au Star calender 17th day of the 7 moon in the 11th year of Reunion.)